Deaconness and Stewardess Ministry


Bethel’s Deaconess Board consists of women that are set apart and consecrated by the Bishop of the district.  The Pastor and the Official Board select dedicated women of good character who honor God in their daily walk, prayer and service to Him. Their duties are to encourage, foster and improve the general interests of the church.  They minister to the sick and train others for the work of a Deaconess.  They also assist the Stewardesses with Holy Communion and Holy Baptism, as needed. Our Communion Bread is homemade by Deaconesses.


The Stewardess Board members are nominated by the Pastor and their names are submitted to the church Board of Stewards for approval.  They must be of good character and good standing within the church.  The Stewardesses prepare the elements for Holy Communion and Holy Baptism.  Bethel A.M.E. Church has Junior Stewardesses that are in training to assist with Holy Communion.

To God be the glory!!